Philosophy on Baseball Instruction in Fort Wayne

The World Baseball Academy is very passionate about using the game of baseball to impact the lives of our future leaders. We see the game as a tool to help instill confidence and build strong character in young people that will ultimately impact their community well beyond the playing field.

We also feel a very strong responsibility to properly educate young athletes on the game of baseball so they are equipped with the tools of success in order to become confident within the game itself. A major part of our baseball philosophy is to explain the “why.” All too often we as coaches explain the “what to do” and the “how to do it,” but pass by the “why we do it.”

The World Baseball Academy has been privileged to work alongside some of the world’s top baseball leaders and we learn from them while focusing on the “why” of fundamentals. Our philosophy is simple. Empower players with the knowledge and energy to achieve great things and watch them take off.

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