“The World Baseball Academy is invaluable to the Fort Wayne community. The kids may enter the dugout as kids, but they leave as leaders.

“People in Fort Wayne should rally around the campaign to raise money for the WBA because the WBA is a separator, a difference maker for the young people of Fort Wayne.”


Eric Wedge,

MLB Manager, Seattle Mariners


Core Character Initiative

WBA instructors are mentors whose lessons emphasize six core character traits:

  • Integrity
  • Knowledge
  • Discipline
  • Perseverance
  • Respect
  • Initiative

The value the WBA places on these traits is also communicated to parents and coaches, enhancing their mentoring relationships with young people.

"The WBA sees the value of mentoring relationships, personal development, excellence, and teamwork as skills that will far outlast the final inning that a player experiences on the field.” —Steve Doan, Parent